Infinity Living Detox

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    To be healthy, your system must work at 100%. After food has been eaten, it moves from the mouth to the stomach and finally to the small intestine.  Nutrients are then absorbed in the small intestine.  The unused food then moves to the large intestine from where it is excreted.  For this process to work effectively, you should drink plenty of clean water, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise, sleep well, not smoke and avoid stress.

    Unfortunately todays’ stressful and unhealthy lifestyle contribute to the body failing to perform at its     peak. The most common illness is constipation.

    Infinity leaving detox gently helps the body flush out toxins and old stool from the body.  It helps to purify the blood and maximizes absorption of essential nutrients. This ensure that you get the best from your food and medication.  A cleans body should respond faster to treatment as well.

    Product size: 100g 

    Dosage: Two teaspoon at night

    Ingredients: Mag Sulph, Potassium Citrate, Tartaric Acid, Calc Carb, Sodium Citrate, Sodium bicarb, Mag Oxide, Senna, Ginger, Fennel