sales & Marketing Plan

From Novus To GuiderAnd Beyond

As you start on your journey with Infinity Living,it's important to remember to take it step-by-step. Work with your Sponsor and set achievable goals to help you progress to the next level, ensuring you always build your business in a sustainable way.

Each level has specific qualifications and associated benefits to reward Associates for their time, efforts and enhance their success.

Doing Business with Honesty and Integrity

Infinity Living’s compensation plan consists of seven main income streams. Our compensation plan was designed to give our members what we believe is by for the most efficient, fair and generous compensation plan in today’s competitive global market.


IBO’s are committed to treating their customers ethically and fairly. When presenting Infinity Living products to your customers, always ensure that customers know the following info:

  • Who you are, and what products you are offering.
  • Provide accurate and truthful information regarding the price, quality, performance, quantity and availability of the products/ services you are offering.
  • Provide a clear and descriptive written receipt.
  • Ensure you identify yourself as anInfinity Business Owner.
  • Provide guidance regarding product usage prior to them purchasing Infinity Living products.
  • Respect your customer’s right to end a sales call, meeting or discontinue communication.
  • Ensure the products are stored appropriately as per the storage instructions on the respective product labels.
  • Always ensure that products are delivered to customers in a timely manner and in good condition and ensurethe customer understands warranty of the goods and exchange / replacement of goods in case of any defect or dissatisfaction.